There is no better way to relax after a day on the hill than with an Onsen. There are a number of Onsens a short distance from Black Pine Lodge.

The closest, a 5 minutes walk down is Mimizuku, which features a fantastic outdoor bath with views over the Happo One ski resort. The next closest, about 10 minutes walk, is No Yu along from the gym at the bottom of Echoland. They have indoor and outdoor baths.

There are a large number of other Onsens in Hakuba and if you feel like experiencing others speak to the manager who can direct you to these and explain the different healing properties each is supposed to have.

Onsen Tips

  • Take off all your clothes and put them in a basket in the changing rooms. Leave basket in this room or in locker if provided.
  • Take your small towel  (modesty towel) in to the bathhouse and sit down on one of the small stools in front of the showers.
  • Scrub and rinse your body thoroughly before getting into the bath (no soap in the bath).
  • Settle quietly in the hot waters for as long as your body can take.
  • Do not allow your modesty towel into the hot bath.
  • Sit outside until your body cools and you regain the energy to get changed back into your clothes.

Do not...

  • Jump in the bath without washing first
  • Wear a swim suit
  • Take drinks into the Onsen